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The following testimonials have not been signed in order to protect  client confidentiality.



"Diana Flores helped me find myself again. My life had been wrapped around my struggles for many years, and Diana is the greatest gift you can give yourself to get to the life you want. Diana is the strongest, kindness, and smartest therapist I have ever worked with. She meets you at your level, yet pushes you to recognize your potential. The therapy is often out of your comfort zone. CBT and exposure therapy is a very scary and difficult thing to go through. There is no one else I would have rather gone through it with besides Diana. She is intelligent, warm and caring. Her background in molecular and cellular biology strengthens her abilities to effectively understand the human and to explain to her client what therapy can do to re-wire the brain. I am forever grateful to Diana, and I would recommend anyone to seek the help of Diana in their own personal journey to success."


"I have been seeing therapists since my father passed away eight years ago and Diana is by far the most compassionate, dedicated, and hard working of them all.  I developed OCD after contracting a very bad case of food posioning while studying abroad.  The few months that followed were some of the most difficult in my entire life.  I bounced from therapist to therapist trying to find one that knew what they were talking about and one who I felt comforatble around.  Finally, someone recommended Alexian Brothers OCD intensive outpatient unit to me.  I was skeptical, but at that point in time I really had nothing to lose.  From my initial meeting with Diana, I knew she was the one that I wanted to work with to put myself over the hump.  We developed a hierarchy of all the things that bothered me and went through the list one at a time.  Some things took a lot longer than others to make make myself so I was not that nervous to be around but after about 2-3 weeks, I can feel my thought pattern begin to shift.  I really was in utter shock as I felt almost hopeless at that point in time.  After the first week I was so close to dropping out but Diana told me to just give it a little time.  To make matters short, Diana taught me the proper steps and ways to go about controlling OCD.  I can truly say that I am like a nice person since seeing her.  There are many points where I still struggle, but I know how to go about the problems in an efficient manner."

"My grandson has been seeing Diana for several years now. He has some behavioral issues which can be very challenging for him and our family. He has made great progress with Diana’s help. Diana works closely with his teachers and other members of his team at school. She truly cares about him and has worked very hard to be an advocate and a voice for him. My grandson has seen other therapists in the past but has never connected with them like he has with Diana. He trusts her and feels safe with her. Diana has made such a positive impact on our lives. I am grateful for all that she has done for my grandson and our family."

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