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Have you been feeling anxious or depressed? Are your thoughts getting the best of you? Or do you have a child or a teenager that is in need of help? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions do not despair, because you are not alone. It can be difficult to admit that one needs help, so let us start by telling you that we are proud of you for taking a step towards your health. Counseling can actually be very powerful and rewarding for anyone who is ready to engage in it. We are Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) counselors who have an abundant amount of skills in the field of counseling. We have gained our experiences working in reputable community mental health facilities and hospitals. We specialize in the treatment of anxiety disorders and OCD. Clients find our therapeutic styles to be engaging, solution focused and result oriented. We utilize evidenced based techniques in order to efficiently help people just like you find relief and move forward with a new found self. We welcome any questions you may have so please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you. 


                                                                       - Forest Bluff Counseling Team

Introduction to Forest Bluff Counseling
An Introduction to CBT:
What is CBT?

This video was done by Giorgio Aprile a Counselor and Life Coach in the United Kingdom. His video does a good job at introducing people to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Mindfulness: Changing Perspectives
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